About Us

The Parliament of Noroff University was established in the spring of 2022 and has now grown to consist of 15 elected representatives delegates, Committee leaders & Deputy Leaders, Committee members, Leader and Vice Leader of the parliament. The parliament has also established three important committees focusing on the complaints learning environment, education and appeals. As part of their work, the parliament actively strives to improve the lives of students across Noroff University, whether they are studying on Campus Kristiansand, Campus Oslo, or online.

The parliament is an important resource for students at Noroff University. The elected representatives work hard to ensure that students have a voice and that their concerns and interests are taken into account. The parliament also provides students with the opportunity to participate in democratic processes and take responsibility for improving their own learning environment.

In addition to their work at the university, the parliament is also affiliated with the Norwegian Student Organization (NSO), which represents students in higher education in Norway. This gives the parliament the opportunity to be part of a larger student movement and ensure that the student’s voice is heard at the national level.

The parliament of Noroff University plays an important role in ensuring that students receive the support and guidance they need to succeed in their academic and personal lives. Through its various committees, the parliament actively works to identify and solve problems that may affect student learning and well-being.

The Complaints Board is a committee that receives complaints from students who feel unfairly treated. This may include complaints about grades, behaviour from teachers or other staff, and lack of accommodation for students with special needs. The Complaints Board carefully handles each complaint to ensure that students are heard and that the case is resolved fairly.

The Learning Environment Committee is another important committee that works to ensure that students have a safe and inclusive learning environment. This includes measures to combat bullying and discrimination, as well as improve communication between teachers and students.

The Education Committee focuses on improving the curriculum and giving students the opportunity to develop both academically and personally. This includes offering more relevant courses, better accommodation for students with special needs, and providing opportunities for internships and other forms of work experience.

Together, these committees work to make Noroff University a better place for all students, regardless of their study location or background. With support from the NSO, the parliament also has the opportunity to influence the development of higher education in Norway and ensure that the interests of students are taken care of at the national level.