Representatives Delegate

A representative delegate is someone who has been elected to the student parliament by the representatives of each year level across all campuses, which means that the representative delegate is one of the representatives for each year level. The delegate consist of one the three campus representant for each year in each study program. The main task of the representative delegate is to represent their respective programs and contribute to creating a positive study experience for all students at the college. As a representative delegate, you will be elected by your respective representatives.

• As a student delegate in the student parliament, you will have a unique opportunity to influence and contribute to the development of the college, through participation in decision-making processes and work to promote the views and needs of students. It is important to note that student delegates should be neutral and not represent personal interests.

• Your role will be to represent the students in the student parliament and collaborate with other student delegates to discuss and adopt policies and strategies that will have a positive impact on students’ lives and studies at Noroff University College. You will also be responsible for collecting and conveying feedback and suggestions from students to the student parliament and other relevant bodies.

• To become a successful student delegate in the student parliament at Noroff University College, it is crucial to have good communication skills, be open to others’ views, and be willing to collaborate with other representatives and organisation. You should also have a good understanding of the college’s structure and decision-making processes, and be engaged and motivated to make a difference for the students.